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Miss Nico, who decided to move to Berlin right after graduating Artschool in the early 90s, soon started working on her career as a tattoo- artist, since getting inspired by the first tattoo-work done on her. After practicing some months with the help of a befriended tattooer, she started working at All Style Tattoo in 1993, which was back then run by Robert and Spencer until miss Nico took over the shop in 2003. At the time miss Nico started working there, All Style was the only official Tattoo Studio in the former eastern part of Berlin.
Through colaboration with Tatau Obscur, a flagship in creative tattoos in Germany, miss Nico gathered a great deal of experience and created a platform to define her style.  Her many  guest-spots and convention-visites all over the world were a great source of creative and technical influences to her work.
Miss Nico’s Tattoos are distinguished by the virtuosic use of color in elegantly arranged compositions, done in a realistic style.
She has been in great demand at the best conventions all around the globe such as International London Tattoo Convention, NYC Convention, Ink’n’Iron Long Beach (CA), Surf’n’Ink Convention Gold Coast Australia, Singapur Convention and many more. Earning many prizes and trophies for her beautiful tattoo-work.
So if you have the dream of getting a realistic tattoo in impressive colors or black and gray by one of Berlin’s most experienced tattoo-artists miss Nico will for sure be the right choice for you!

„… it is great to enjoy the freedom of faith from my customers, it allows me to see them as living canvases to work on. Thanks for all the trust put in me and my work… “

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