Rouven Materne

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Rouven Materne

He started drawing in his early childhood, supported by his parents. But quickly paper and canvas were not enought for Rouven – too small, too limited for his vast imagination. So he extended his canvas choice and started doing graffities.

He went to university to become an art teacher, just to quickly notice that his passion lies in the creation and not in the teaching of art. So he changed his field of study to liberal arts, learning how to sculpt, create installations, performance art with different media, object art, all of which contributed to establishing his own unique style.

He finished his university degree, but with an old fascination in his mind: tattooing… he started his career as a tattoo artist 2015 and traveled all over Germany for more than a year, soaking up every experience he could. He feels at home with dark, macabre and grotesque illustrations, but also loves creative dot- and lineworks.

Rouven Materne is determined to give every design all of his creativity and passion for art to tattoo something unique and special every time.

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