Marc Lane

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Marc Lane

Already during his time in school Marc Lane payed more attention to drawing than to other things, so it was no surprise when he started working as a graffity writer in the 90s. He got many commissions in all different places around the world. Even well-known international companies were asking for his work.
1994 Marc Lane travelled to the USA doing big jobs with local graffity-stars in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
In 1998 after Marc finished training as a varnisher and studying the art of airbrushing in Bochum, he started spraying cellular-hardcovers, canvases, motorcycles and cars among other things. At this time he also started painting pictures for clients which he showed at different exhibitions or sold at local art-markets.
1999 Marc also started to draw tattoo-designs for several tattoo studios in Berlin, until he decided after a year to learn how to use a tattoo machine and work as a professional tattoo artist.

Since then he has developed a wide variety of tattooing skills which allow him to mix various styles of tattooing.
From old school work with bold outlines, newschool- and comicdesign to black’n’gray work and colorful realistic motives, he is able to create individual tattoos for his clients that match perfectly to his customers’ expectations and wishes.
During the years Marc Lane likes to travel to several tattoo conventions from which he brought back some trophies and recognition for his tattoo-work..
You also can find him guestspotting in different well-known tattoo-shops like Downtown Tattoo Bremen getting inspired by the other tattoo-artist’s work.
If Marc gets the chance to do designs in his own style, he enjoys mostly to mix up different styles in combination with pecise outlines and fine color-modulations including realistic elements.

„…the best for me was to let my passion become my career!“


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