Dani Swayne

Dani Swayne

One of his earliest childhood memories is the image of a pen in his hand, a blank sheet of paper in front of him, awaiting the realisation of all the pictures in his head. An image that has never stopped accompanying him throughout his life.

After completing his vocational training as a graphic designer, a classic tattoo apprenticeship immediately followed, letting both fields flow into one another beautifully. The roots in graphic design are still evident in most of his work. Always on the lookout for new challenges, interesting, exciting and ever-changing projects, he was drawn to mastering the tasks of an allround tattooer from the get-go. And so he continues to greatly enjoy creating custom art, that represent his customers ideas and wishes as well as Daniel’s own creative spirit.

After refining his techniques in various tattoo parlors and partaking in several tattoo conventions he ist now very much looking forward to being able to welcome all of you at All Style Tattoo, to collaborate with you to create your very own, personal custom tattoos with and for you.

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