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BWK stands for BrustWarzenreKonstruktion (breast papilla reconstruction). Such a reconstruction may be necessary, for example, if amputation of the breast is necessary due to breast cancer.
After reconstruction of the breast in the clinic, we can tattoo the nipple and areola on the smooth skin of the breast. This is possible thanks to a photo-realistic tattoo style, which makes the tattooed nipple appear three-dimensional and thus makes it look natural. In the end, we can often give the patient more than “just” a nipple back, namely a natural look and thus self-esteem. This also applies, of course, to breast cancer in the case of men.

In other cases, treatment with permanent make-up is necessary, for example if the eyebrows have been lost during chemotherapy. Here we achieve aesthetically convincing, deceptively natural AND permanently durable results.

BWK was founded by Dr. Kramer, Prof. Granzleder and Andy Engel. Together with many other doctors and clinics, we stand for high-quality results to help women (and men) on the road to regeneration after their successful cancer therapy.
Our expertise is not only applied to cancer. BWK also helps after surgical breast lifts or reductions, as a result of which sometimes transplanted nipples die and have to be renewed.

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